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Wildcats Athletics

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Wildcats Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

4 days ago @ 3:06PM by Dwayne Scott

Spike night

Spike Night is scheduled for 11/27/17 at 7pm. Please review the flyers under files for information.

Team News

1 week ago @ 9:12AM by Dwayne Scott

Team store closes today

Good morning Wildcat Family:

The Team stores closes today at 11:59 pm so that we can get the spirit wear around the 1st week of December. Picture day is 11/17/17 at 5 pm location TBA!

Noted recommendation for female bottoms, please get adult sizes (even if the athlete has a small frame, example, ex. small or get a size larger). Top appear to be ok but remember we are all growing!

We have 3 weeks before our 1st meet so let's go Wildcats!

Also, on Wed. 11/15 is Meet the coaches night at 6:30pm in the gym.  After the general session – there will be individual break out sessions. All parents or a family representative must attend!


Team News

2 weeks ago @ 9:31AM by Dwayne Scott

1st week of practice

Good  Morning Wildcat T&F family: November 10. 1917


There is an updated version of the Team Rules to reflect changes to conference championship dates and other important information. Please rely on the schedule provided for meet times and information!

Secondly, practice will end around 4:30 today so that everyone can be back and cheer on our football team to victory in the 1st round of the playoffs. 



If you are not cleared you cannot participate in any activities!!!!!! If you violate this practice you may be dismissed from the team!

Thank you!



Remember, only sprinters/middle distance will be practicing today. Distance will start their practice tomorrow. If you need to turn your forms in please do so today. 

Also, we will start our weight training on Tuesday and Thursday ( 11/14/17) Expect to pick-up your son/daughter a little later (6 to 6:15 pm)

I and the entire coaching staff thank you for all your cooperationduring this 1st week.


IT IS TIME!!!!! The indoor T&F season is here! Just a few notes to remember:

Check the 1st week schedule (located under Files.)

All paperwork is under files

Team store is under files

Most of the related news/updates etc will be on this site.

We will work (coaches) of putting up a performance list by Wednesday before each meet ( before district meets) and Tuesday before Invitationals. Now with that being said, it is unacceptable for listed runners/performers to cancel the day before or day of unless it is a acceptable emergency. I will further discuss at a later date.

Buses schedule for District meet will be posted under files. Now, administration are working with transportation to ensure we do not have any schedule conflicts with our buses.

I/coaches look forward to working with your sons and daughters this Indoor season!

Thank you!

Coach Scott

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 12:11PM by Dwayne Scott

Team store

Good morning Wildcat Family:

I have great news, our Team store is open today thur the 26 of November. All spirit wear that was available in the first store is available again. This will be the last opportunity to purchase spirit wear this season.

Thank you!

Many of the needed forms are up on our site. Our Team store is now open until 11/13/17. Remember, PR is solely in charge of the store!


Thank you!

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 10:13AM by Dwayne Scott

2017-18 Track & field season

Welcome Wildcat family to the 2017-18 Indoor Track&Field Season! I/we are excited to start towards our district girls/boys champion. We also are excited for all the individual achievements that will occur this season.

The team store for spirit wear will be up in a day or two.Returning athletes or those who did cross country will only need to purchase the long sleeve Gildan Performance Tee (Required by all athletes) New athletes must purchase the uniform (singlet and one of the bottoms, plus the long tee). Everyone is welcome to purchase additional items from the store. I am leaving the store open until the 13th for those athletes that tried out for another sport.

It takes 3 weeks plus a few days for the uniforms to come in so,  the earlier we order the faster we will receive our spirit well.!

Forms that need to be completed and turned in by 11/13/17. Forms include:

Team fund $ 60.00

Parents participation form (need parents help with  track meets, providing snacks etc.)

Students participation form

Emergency care card must be in by 11/6/17 or no participation.

I will attach the tentative schedule, Team Fund form to this site.

I will follow up when the Team store will be open!

I will update about the 1st week of practice by 11/1/17

Thank you!

Coach Scott