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Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School


Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School

Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

3 years ago

Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Robinson Secondary School

Game Date
Feb 3, 2017

Centreville 56

Robinson 40



Centreville are hoping to win against Robinson and the starters were Marcus Mack, Caleb Emeogo, Talon Murray, Bryce Douglas, and Tyler Lohman.  Tyler Lohman was on the tip off, but Robinson won it. Tyler Lohman scored the first points of the game with a three pointer. Bryce Douglas scored the next points of the game with another three pointer.  Robinson would then score 3 straight points. Marcus Mack would score and be fouled. Bryce Douglas would score again extending Centreville’s lead.  Centreville would score another three from Marcus Mack after Robinson scored. Tyler Lohman and Marcus Mack would both score a three pointer each. Robinson would score to end the quarter.  The score was 19-9 In favor of Centreville.

Centreville would start the 2nd quarter with the ball and Caleb Emeogo would score the first points of the quarter. Tyler Lohman would score a three. Robinson would go on a 9-2 run with Centreville’s points from Ahmad Ghousheh. Centreville would score a few more times including a three from Christopher Martin. Centreville would score the last points of the half with 2 points from Ahmad Ghousheh. The half ended with a score of 35-22.

Robinson started with the ball and would start the game on a 4-0 run. Centreville would hit a few free throws with Talon Murray. Centreville would score again with Bryce Douglas and Talon Murray each scoring two.  Marcus Mack would score a three. Centreville would score twice for in the quarter with Caleb Emeogo and Talon Murray.  The quarter would end with a score of 48-30 with Centreville leading.

Centreville started with the ball, but Robinson would score the first points of the 4th quarter. They would score 7 straight to be ended by two free throws from Bryce Douglas. Centreville would score a few free throws to extend their lead. The game would end after Caleb Emego would score two points. The game ended 56-40 with a Centreville victory.
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