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Wildcats Athletics

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Wildcats Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

4 months ago @ 10:47PM by Dwayne Scott

Updated Regional Schedule and Performance list

Good evening Wildcats Family:

The Regional Time schedule has been recently changed. So, we will have to leave both days at 11:30 am in order to have bus service and not miss our events. The 1st. event on Monday days will start at 3 pm and Wednesday at 2:30 pm not 11:30 am!

We will be providing some snacks and light meal and drinks. Bring your school work to complete at PG.  It is going to be a long day! I have attached under files the performance list and schedule that was given to me this morning

Team News

4 months ago @ 12:14PM by Dwayne Scott

Concorde District Championship/Awards Dinner

Good morning Wildcats' Family:

The performance list  is under files. The schedule is also under files please plan accordingly. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO LEAVE UNTIL THE MEET IS OVER, NO EXCEPTIONS.

DAY 1: All are welcome but only those athletics participating Day 1 need to go!

Day 2: All athletes are scheduled to go and must stay until the end of the championship race!

Awards dinner is 2/20/18 6 pm in the C-ville HS. More information will be forth coming!




Team News

5 months ago @ 11:07AM by Dwayne Scott

End of the Inddor season

Good morning all:

The last regular season meet was at  EPHS.. Thank you for your dedication to the program (those who participate and practice this last week). We will have our  District Championship roster up by this Tuesday evening.

Remember, all injured and athletes that finish out the season, our parents are providing a meal after practice today! Please plan accordingly!

Team News

5 months ago @ 8:18PM by Dwayne Scott

ST. Christopher's Invite 1/12-13/18

This is the roster for the distance runners going to TJ this Saturday:

Here's the lineup for Saturday's meet.  


Girls 1000

Evelyn Armstrong

Gaby Betancourth

Jorden Harrity

Carolyn Rohr

Saera Kim


Girls 1600

Kathryn Artis

Christine Lee

Rebecca Pioso

Laila Sutton

Lauren Wallis


Girls 3200

Jesse Lee


Girls 4x800

Evelyn Armstrong

Jorden Harrity

Jesse Lee

Sophia Lee (alternate: Gaby Betancourth)


Boys 1000

Will Baik

David Lin

Nate Pascoe

Thomas Wyatt

Danny Villalobos


Boys 1600

Mason Barnes

Neal Langhorne


Boys 3200

Spencer Bartlett

Alejo Cobos

Riley Loveday


Boys 4x800

Will Baik

Wyatt Thomas

David Lin

Michael Burnayev


Boys 4x800

Liam Kelly

Matthew Frisby

Paul Kim

MIchael Hakizumwami (Alternate: Nate Pascoe, Danny Villalobos)


There will be one bus.  Please be at the school NLT 6AM.  The bus will leave at 6:15AM. 


If you cannot run the 4x800 please let me know ASAP.  If we don't have full teams then runners who aren't in individual events won't have an opportunity to run. 


Please make sure you have on your Centreville T&F gear before you get on the bus.  If you didn't buy any spirit wear (sweat shirt, warm-up, etc.), please wear something that has Centreville on it.  


Coach Rogers


Sprinters will be added on tonight.




Great Job by those Wildcats who participated in the Bulldog Invite at Liberty University. There were some good and great performances. Caden qualified for nationals and won the L.J with a jump of 22-2!!!!!!!

We now have a meet at TJMS on Saturday 1/13/18 at 7:30 am. The bus leaves at 6:00 am. Please review the schedule and other material for this meet in our files. We are incharge and need at least 10 parents to assist with this meet.

The ST. Christopher meet performance list is up in files. Review and I will have the permission slips by Wednesday.

We still have a number of spirit wear that needs to be given out to those who purchased it. Spread the word to pick it up!

Team News

5 months ago @ 7:11PM by Dwayne Scott

TJMS Indoor meet/ Liberty University 1/5-6/18

Good evening Wildcat family:

FCPS are closed on 1/5/18 which means our schedule meet at TJ is canceled  The Liberty University Meet is still a go and we are scheduled to leave Centreville parking lot at 5:30 am Saturday morning. Please be on time!

I will update tomorrow!

Those that were at the banquet and missed getting their permission packet, a copy is in our files section. complete and bring it to the meet or e-mail it to me..

Team News

5 months ago @ 2:54PM by Dwayne Scott

Liberty Univ Performance List

The Liberty meet is a go! We will be leaving the Centreville parking lot at 5:30 am. Please bring your signed permission slip. It is also located in files if needed.

I have included the schedule and other information for this meet under files. This will be a big meet with Championship rules. Those are relays, bring a solid pair of short tights (all must be the same color. Bring some money for food or other things that may want to buy. We will have snacks and breakfast provided at the hotel.



This is the final List for this weekend.


Please pick-up forms today for the trip!

Team News

5 months ago @ 9:05AM by Dwayne Scott

Week of 1/1-16/18

Good morning Wildcats:

.This is the Tentative performance list for the Liberty University invite on Saturday 1/6/18. The final list will be posted Wednesday morning. I will have permission forms on Wednesday for those going to Liberty.This is an overnight trip!

Everyone else in good standings will be going to TJMS on Friday, 1/5/18. The bus schedule is listed under files!    

Team News

6 months ago @ 10:07AM by Dwayne Scott

Wildcat Parents

Good morning Wildcat Parents:

Mrs. nelson has taken on the responsibility to be the Parent's Liaison for indoor seaon. Please forward your e-mail address to her ASAP She has vital information she would like to update you with.It is critical that that we stay updated and informed on Indoor T&F news. This is her contact Information:  Christina Nelson <

Thank you!

Team News

6 months ago @ 2:23PM by Dwayne Scott

Week of 12/10/17 and the Holiday break

Good morning Wildcat family:

Reminder, Uniforms (from 11/13/order is schedule for pick-up today and spirit wear from 11/25 will also be ready today! We will not be given anything out tomorrow morning!!!!!!! Other uniform orders are scheduled to be in by 1/2/18! Remember, PR Running Store can answer you questions and concerns. 

Thank you! 



Good morning Wildcat Family:

I have included the updated performance list for the Holiday Invite 12/16/18. This is a varsity meet! Sprinters that are schedule for one event may be used as an alternate in one of our relays so be prepared!!!!!!

This again is the literary for Saturday:

Bus leaves at 7 am sharp

Meet Events star at 9 am and expect to end around 5:30 -6 pm.

Bus scheduled to be back at Centreville by 7 pm

Event schedule times are posted with each event under files.

Curt from Potomac Runners asured me that the uniforms order (by 11/13/17) will be here on Friday. Hoping that spiritwear from 11/26/17 order be here when we get back from our break!

Event coaches will post the Holiday Break workout. It is imperitive that you continue your workouts because we have meets until 1/20/2018 (Every week) Sprinters will be posted under files!




Good afternoon:


Hope all is staying warm and enjoying this winter weather!

Our performance list has been added to files for the Howard County Invitational at Prince Georges County Sports and Learning Complex.The bus leaves at 7 am and is scheduled to return by 7 pm. This is a very big meet with over 40 teams participating!

The past two days of practice was unacceptable. Many members of our program did not notify that they were going to miss practice.I thank those that followed the protocol and informed a coach. If the team is to have success and individual goal are to be meet then we all need to be at scheduled practice. Good, effective communication has to occur when an athlete cannot fulfill their obligation to the team.

We will be practicing next week and over the beak.Break practices will be up next week.

In order tp participate in the meet 1/5 and 1/6/18 you must attend practices!

Thank you for all your hard work thus far this season!

Team News

6 months ago @ 2:48PM by Dwayne Scott

Indoor T&F Spirit wear update

Good afternoon Wildcats Family:

Our first meet will be tomorrow at EPHS and PGSLC. I am excited to get the ball game started. Parents and athletes, please review the rules on riding the bus and leaving early from meets!

1. I was informed that PR has delivered spirit wear to our school today. I will pass out ordered spirit wear after practice today. Remember, Curt Peterson of PR is the contact person for  any questions or concerns with uniforms and sportswear!

2nd. Please, Please read the parking and rules information for EPHS that been placed under files before tomorrow meet.

3rd. Concorde District standards are up for each event. Athletes, please review!

Again, I do have shorts that I can give out to those who need them today only. There will be no anything being giving out in the morning!

Thank you!



I was informed that spirit wear will be delivered to the school by this Friday (that is the plan). PR also informed me that some items has not arrived so if any uniforms are not delivered by Friday we will use plan B!

Many of our returning runners have extra tops/singlets that they can loan for the first meet. Everyone can wear black spandex, tights or shorts ( I have extra shorts  if needed)

Team News

6 months ago @ 12:16AM by Dwayne Scott

emergency care forms

These athletes will not be able to participate unless we have your emergency care card to Head Coach (Coach Scott by Wednesday afternoon, 11.29/17):   

Paul Anderson, , Austin Anton, Ahmed  Anunay, keenan Anunay, Ta'Janee Badie, william Baik, Spencer Bartlett, Sean Butler, Adrian -Montoro, Jasmine Chen, Leonardo Choi, Zachary Cobos, Joseph Crowder, Nicole Cummings, Carey Dickerson, Richard Dublin, Hamza Elnaggar, Mohammed Elrasheed, Katherine French,Matthew Frisby, Brigham Garfield, Abigail Granberg, Raul Guerrero,- Reyes, Ariana Gullen, Allisha Gursahaney, Michael Hakizumwami, Kendrick Halvorson, Emmily Herrity, Cristen Huyuh, Bassie Kanu, Mahyar Khafajl, Humza Khan,Abdul Koromo, Saera Kim,Mohamed Koromo, Haley LaRuffa, Yebin Lee, Christine Lee, Riley Lyons, Bianca Manotas, Lauren McAulife, Sydney McFariane, Michael Mier,Spencer Morley, Laura Nelson, Connor Nguyen, Rafael Orellana Ortiz, Himanniv Panidepu, Brandon Patterson, Nande Pilgrim, Austin Anton!!!! A number have told me that your emergency care card was attached to your physical. If it was I did not receive it. We need to have a copy on file incase you need medical aqttention outside of the school during a meet. 

I will continue the list tomorrow!


Team News

6 months ago @ 9:05AM by Dwayne Scott


;Good Evening Wildcat Family:

We now have a Facebook page for the Indoor Season ( I believe Centreville 7)

Great job this weekend at EPHS and the DCIAA. Our boys finish 2nd overall and there were a number of Personal Best!

Temperature is suppose to be in the 30's on Saturday so we will not be at a Polar Bear Meet! Our next meet will be 12/16/17 at PGSLC. There are only events in this meet so our next team meet will be 1/5/18!

The sprinters performance list is posted under files.Coach Culver will inform the hurdlers and middle distance runner their events. Coach Edwards and Thomas will complete the relays and included the participates who will be doing long and triple jump. 

Good Morning Wildcat Family:

I am posting the event schedule for the DCIAA meet. Now, there are no times because it goes in order and having a set time it is impossible.The Events start at 10 am and usually ends by 5:30-6 pm. There are over 20 teams with 4 competitors per event. Usually, there are standards to compete in an invitational but because it is the first meet it is waved!

I am adding the distance performance list to the files this morning. Please review and the order of events is under files. Again, the meets start around 7:15-7:30 am and runs until each event is completed! (around 12:30 pm) Please note the posted bus schedule under files. EPHS leave 6 am sharp!!!!!

DCIAA 2017 Order of Events Start at 10 am:

55m Hurdles (Prelims)

55m Dash (Prelims)

4x800m Relay

55m Hurdles (Final)

55m Dash (Final)

4x200m Relay

1600m Run

400m Dash

800m Run

200m Dash

3200m Run

4x400m Relay (around 5 pm)

Field Events start at 10 am:

High Jump

Long Jump

Shot Put

Triple Jump





Good Evening:

The DCIAA invite performance list for Centreville is posted under files. The EPHS Performance list will be ready Wednesday Evening or Thursday morning. 


Good morning T&F family:

Our first meets will be this week at EPHS and PG Sports and Learning Complex (12/2/17). We need at least 10 parents for Episcopal HS Meet (7 timers and three to work the results desk) and as many as possible  to help organize the snacks for our student athletes by Thursday/Friday of this week. I will purchase the items from Costco on Tuesday (tomorrow 11/28/1, Any parent that would want to meet me there PLEASE do! Fairfax location)

I will update who is going to which meet by Wednesday evening for DCIAA and Thursday for EPHS!

Team News

7 months ago @ 9:33AM by Dwayne Scott

Thanksgiving Break

Good morning Wildcat Family:

Practice will be today from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. If you are traveling this Holiday then you are excused.

Practice will be on Friday 9 am to 11 am, if you are away and are a sprinter, please do a 2 plus mile run with all the warm-up provided by Coach Edwards. Distance should have their instructions from Coach Rogers.


Have a safe and enjoy this time with family and friends!

Team News

7 months ago @ 3:06PM by Dwayne Scott

Spike night

Good morning Wildcat family:






11895 Grand Commons Ave.







Spike Night is scheduled for 11/27/17 at 7pm. Please review the flyers under files for information.

Team News

7 months ago @ 9:12AM by Dwayne Scott

Team store closes today

Good morning Wildcat Family:

The Team stores closes today at 11:59 pm so that we can get the spirit wear around the 1st week of December. Picture day is 11/17/17 at 5 pm location TBA!

Noted recommendation for female bottoms, please get adult sizes (even if the athlete has a small frame, example, ex. small or get a size larger). Top appear to be ok but remember we are all growing!

We have 3 weeks before our 1st meet so let's go Wildcats!

Also, on Wed. 11/15 is Meet the coaches night at 6:30pm in the gym.  After the general session – there will be individual break out sessions. All parents or a family representative must attend!


Team News

7 months ago @ 9:31AM by Dwayne Scott

1st week of practice

Good  Morning Wildcat T&F family: November 10. 1917


There is an updated version of the Team Rules to reflect changes to conference championship dates and other important information. Please rely on the schedule provided for meet times and information!

Secondly, practice will end around 4:30 today so that everyone can be back and cheer on our football team to victory in the 1st round of the playoffs. 



If you are not cleared you cannot participate in any activities!!!!!! If you violate this practice you may be dismissed from the team!

Thank you!



Remember, only sprinters/middle distance will be practicing today. Distance will start their practice tomorrow. If you need to turn your forms in please do so today. 

Also, we will start our weight training on Tuesday and Thursday ( 11/14/17) Expect to pick-up your son/daughter a little later (6 to 6:15 pm)

I and the entire coaching staff thank you for all your cooperationduring this 1st week.


IT IS TIME!!!!! The indoor T&F season is here! Just a few notes to remember:

Check the 1st week schedule (located under Files.)

All paperwork is under files

Team store is under files

Most of the related news/updates etc will be on this site.

We will work (coaches) of putting up a performance list by Wednesday before each meet ( before district meets) and Tuesday before Invitationals. Now with that being said, it is unacceptable for listed runners/performers to cancel the day before or day of unless it is a acceptable emergency. I will further discuss at a later date.

Buses schedule for District meet will be posted under files. Now, administration are working with transportation to ensure we do not have any schedule conflicts with our buses.

I/coaches look forward to working with your sons and daughters this Indoor season!

Thank you!

Coach Scott

Team News

7 months ago @ 12:11PM by Dwayne Scott

Team store

Good morning Wildcat Family:

I have great news, our Team store is open today thur the 26 of November. All spirit wear that was available in the first store is available again. This will be the last opportunity to purchase spirit wear this season.

Thank you!

Many of the needed forms are up on our site. Our Team store is now open until 11/13/17. Remember, PR is solely in charge of the store!


Thank you!

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:13AM by Dwayne Scott

2017-18 Track & field season

Athletes, please let me know when a file doesn't open! The performance list for Howard County was up Saturday but it did not open today so please let me or one of the coaches know!


Thank you!


Welcome Wildcat family to the 2017-18 Indoor Track&Field Season! I/we are excited to start towards our district girls/boys champion. We also are excited for all the individual achievements that will occur this season.

The team store for spirit wear will be up in a day or two.Returning athletes or those who did cross country will only need to purchase the long sleeve Gildan Performance Tee (Required by all athletes) New athletes must purchase the uniform (singlet and one of the bottoms, plus the long tee). Everyone is welcome to purchase additional items from the store. I am leaving the store open until the 13th for those athletes that tried out for another sport.

It takes 3 weeks plus a few days for the uniforms to come in so,  the earlier we order the faster we will receive our spirit well.!

Forms that need to be completed and turned in by 11/13/17. Forms include:

Team fund $ 60.00

Parents participation form (need parents help with  track meets, providing snacks etc.)

Students participation form

Emergency care card must be in by 11/6/17 or no participation.

I will attach the tentative schedule, Team Fund form to this site.

I will follow up when the Team store will be open!

I will update about the 1st week of practice by 11/1/17

Thank you!

Coach Scott

Team News

5 months ago @ 1:24AM

Happy New Year 2018 Indoor schedule

Hope all are enjoying the holiday season. Our next meet will be Friday, 1/5/18 At TJMS IN ARLINGTON. PLEASE review the bus schedule and times for the meet. Practice resumes 1/2/18 At 3:30pm, please be on time! Happy New Year to all !

Team News

5 months ago @ 1:20AM

2018 Indoor schedule

Hope all are enjoying the holiday season. Our next meet will be Friday, 1/5/18 At TJMS IN ARLINGTON. PLEASE review the bus schedule and times for the meet. Practice resumes 1/2/18 At 3:30pm, please be on time! Happy New Year to all !
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