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Wildcats Athletics

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Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School

Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School

Team News.

Team News

3 days ago @ 9:48PM by Dwayne Scott

Meet 12/8/2018 at EPHS

Our Chantilly Invite has been Canceled because of the weather. All runners will be going to EPHS tomorrow unless otherwise told different by your coach.SEE below!




I have spoken with most of you tonight, and I have consulted with Jason Franks about Saturday’s meet.  After looking at the current weather forecast which has temperatures ranging from 30-37 degrees, with a wind chill of 29-32 degrees (8-9 mph winds), we are making the decision to cancel.  I don’t think anyone wants kids to get hurt, and given the temperatures, it is hard to imagine getting any quality performances out of it.  I am writing to you all now, so that you might adjust your practice (or meet) schedules for Friday/Saturday. 


I am sorry that we will not be able to run, but I hope we can all agree that the primary concern should be with the welfare of the athletes, and I have a hard time believing that racing in those cold temperatures is in anyone’s best interests.


Best wishes to all, and we’ll see you down the road.

Good evening Wildcat Family:

Our 1st district meet will be this Saturday at Episcopal HS in Alexandra VA. All participating athletes are to be at the school at 6am sharp. Bus leaves at 6:10 am. the bus is scheduled to return by 1:30 pm. All sprinters will be running the 55m dash! Because so many athletes are informing me that they will not be going so relays and other events will be told on Friday. (sprinters only) Coach Rogers has informed the distance runners of their events.

Spirit wear and uniforms will be available tomorrow after practice.( the second order will be delivered. You must has a uniform to compete on Saturday. We will not be given anything out on Saturday.

Runners going to Chantilly need follow the schedule given by Coach Rogers. Coach Kyle will be at the meet and i will be there once I return from EPHS.

Team News

1 week ago @ 10:01PM by Dwayne Scott

DCIAA and 1st group ofv spirit pack

Good evening:

The DCIAA meet starts at 9am at PGSL complex in Landover, MD. please check the performance list posted last night . All participating athletes must be at the school by 7 am. The first event is 9am and on a rolling schedule. We are looking to return between 6 and 7 pm!.

When posted, the actual performance list should be up by tomorrow morning. It will be on

Team News

1 week ago @ 12:59PM by Dwayne Scott

DCIAA Invite and News

Good Afternoon Wildcat Family:


I have posted the roster for Saturday DCIAA meet under Files. There may be an addition to the list.  I will also have under files the order of events for DCIAA and rules for meets at EPHS (12/8/18) and TJMS (12/21/18 and 1/11/19).

Good new, we are the Home Team for the 12/21/18 meet at TJMS only. We will need parents to be timers for the 12/8 and 1/11/19 meets.

I will contact the vendor to get an estimated time for uniforms delivery!

Also, a updated schedule has been included in files.

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 11:03AM by Dwayne Scott

Team store page

The page may give some problems so if it does click on the link (right mouses click) and then click new window if it does not open.

Also, if you can help tomprrow from 8:30 to 1 pm for the fund raiser please let me know at or

Thank you!

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 9:13PM by Dwayne Scott

Reopening of Team store, Meet the Coaches and Fund Raiser

Good morning Wildcat Family:

The team store is open until Monday 11/19/18. Please place all orders. The link is under files not below. Below is instructions to access the site!!!!!

First, CLICK HERE or on the below SHOP NOW button (Be sure to use a current version of the most common browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer).


Browse all of the merchandise options your organization has made available to you. Be sure to carefully select the appropriate products, sizes and colors you need. Occasionally, your organization requires that certain products MUST be purchased in order to participate; these products are marked MANDATORY. The decision to include MANDATORY products is made by your organization.


Once you're finished shopping, simply review your order and checkout. You will receive an Order Confirmation via email (at the email address you entered when ordering). Please look for this Order Confirmation email once you’ve completed your order.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, please CLICK HERE and one of our online Customer Care representatives will be glad to assist you.



Meet the winter coaches has been cancelled for tonight, but is re-scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 6:45pm .  Important topics to be discussed are coaches expectations from sports teams, athletic booster information, team spirit wear/dinners and parent responsibilities.  Please plan to attend this important and mandatory meeting if your child is a winter athlete.  Teams will be meeting in the following locations:

Indoor Track – Cafeteria

We have a fund raiser on Saturday at the stadium field. we need parents to work the concession stand with me 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.. we need 4 per 2.5 hours. we will receive a nice donation! I need 10 to 12 parents /athletes as possible

We need all the parents to join the Athlete Booster here at Centreville. The booster provide us with money, equipment and other resources needed to run our program.




Team News

4 weeks ago @ 4:36PM by Dwayne Scott

2nd week of Inddor track & Field

Good afternoon Wildcat family:

We go full swing with practice this week, no exceptions! Our first 2 meets are less then a month away with the Thanksgiving break taking 3 to 4 practice days away.  for those that are new, this is like no other sport when it comes to competing. Being ready is everything for a track&field athlete. Trust me, you want to be ready.

The Team store will shut down 11:59 pm on 11/12.18. Get your orders in so that we have the opportunty to get your wear to you before the 1st meet. You cannot participate with out a uniform. Please have all form turned in by tomorrow.

Coach Culver and I are still in the football season and will not be on the track until next week. I plan to come up to the school around 3 pm but will be leaving around 3:20 pm. Coach Rogers ( we are so happy to have) will be there along with Coach Smalls, Kyle and Thomas.

we are excited for a championship season!

Take care!

Coach Scott

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:53PM by Dwayne Scott

First week of practice for indoor track and field

Greetings T&F Wildcat Family:

Remember, please bring all form to practice on the first 3 day of the week. Practice will start on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 5:30 pm sharp! You can only practice if you have been cleared by the Athletic Trainer!!!!! You must have a Physical on file and completed the concussion online course along with a parent. No exceptions! Meet on the track if the weather is good or meet in the cafeteria or by instruction by a coach.

The schedule is up but subject to change!

Look forward to seeing everyone back on the track!

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:21PM by Dwayne Scott

Team Store for Indoor Track 2018-19

Good afternoon Wildcat Family:


The school store is open for business until 11/11/18. Everyone must purchase a long sleeve shirt. The District Track Meet schedule has not been forwarded to me yet. Once I receive it, I will put the update schedule for the season up. Our 1st meet will be December 1, 2018!

Team News

1 month ago @ 2:31PM by Dwayne Scott

2018-19 Indoor track forms


Please complete all the forms (listed under files completed with the Team Fund Fee ($60.00). The Interest meeting is Monday 10/30/18 at 3:15 pm! See you there!

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:25PM

2018-19 Indoor Track Interest Meeting 10/29/18

Greeting Wildcat Family:

It time for Winter Sports and Indoor Track to start! We will be having our interest meeting on October 29/18 at 3:10 pm in the Lecture Hall (2nd floor). Please meek sure you have your 2018 Physical completed and turned into the Certified Athlete Trainer. Parents and Student Athletes must complete the concussion education. Please review the Centreville Athletic Department web page to get forms and information.

I will place the form related for Indoor Track up by tomorrow!.

Let's get started are you ready!!!!!!!!
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