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Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School


Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School

Wildcats Athletics

Centreville High School

Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:21AM by Dwayne Scott

1/4/20 meet and CNU MEET ON 1/11/20 PERFORMANCE LIST

Good morning Wildcat family:

Our next meet is at Episcopal HS on 1/4/20. Bus leaves at 6 am ! Practice is today, Thursday and Friday at 11 am.

I have put the CNU Centreville Performance list under files. Please review the list and if there is a conflict, then let me know ASAP!

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:34AM by Dwayne Scott

TJMS Northern Region Meet 12/20/19

Good morning Wildcat Family:

Our 2nd meet of the season is this Friday at TJMS. There are two buses going. The first bus leaves at 3:30 pm sharp ( to include 4x800m relay, throwers, 55m runners, 1600m runners and 4x200m runners.) The second bus leaves at 4:15 pm ( 3200m runners,500m runners, 1000m runners and 4x400m) Now, we will fit as many on the first bus as possible. The performance list is up under files!!!!!

I will put the TJMS and EPH  information in our files section, so please review!

I will also put up a workout for all that will be out of town during the break.

We will have practice on 12/23/19, 12/26-27/19, 12/30/19 AND 1/2-3/20 AT 11 AM. 

Have a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Winter Break from the Coaching staff of Centreville HS.

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:33PM by Dwayne Scott

1st meet of the Season (Indoor T&F)

Good  morning Wildcat family:

The Battlefield list is under files!

If you did not purchase a uniform from the Team store and need one, you must see me by Thursday with na $ 30.00 check made out to Centreville HS.. We have a limit number so let me know ASAP!

The Meet list is up for those going to the DCIAA meet this weekend. The Battlefield meet will be up tomorrow. It will be under file!

Hopefully everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving! This is our meet week in which we are splitting up the team in two meets this Saturday. One group will be going to PG sports and Learning complex and the other will be going to Battlefield. We are just trying to get as many athletes eligible for our Conference championship in late January. All of our meets count towards Conference, Regionals and State Championship. So, if an athlete does well they can qualify for all championships. Now, this is not the case in Outdoor Track.

Because of the uniqueness of Indoor Track, we must take advantage of all our opportunities!!!!! The DCIAA will be available today and the Battlefield will be available tomorrow.

Again, we are getting ready for our invitationals in the new year so .....Let's go Wildcats!!!!!

Also, Teamsnap is up and we are adding parents information for communication. Now, some parent's e-mails have be rejected So if you do not receive an invite to Teamsnap then contact me (by Friday)????? If you have not submitted you information during " Meet the Coaches Night" or provided the Parent volunteer information, then we will not have your name. I will use both means to communicate. 

We must have all emergency Care forms are you will not be able to participate ( even if you played a Fall Sport)

Thank you!


Team News

1 year ago @ 1:04PM by Dwayne Scott

Meet the Coaches and Team Pictures

Greetings Wildcat Family:


The Athletic Administrative staff and Winter Coaches are requesting your attendance (Mom, Dad, Guardian) to "Meet the Coaches Night" which is tomorrow at 6:30 pm in the auditorium. I look forward to seeing you there!

    Team pictures will be taken for our track&f field program on this Friday at 4:45 pm. Please where black Centreville gear for your pictures (if you do not have T&F gear).

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:22AM by Dwayne Scott

Firrst Week of Indoor T&F

The first day of practice is tomorrow at 3:30 pm. Only those with Green wrist bands will be able to participate..

The team store is open until Sunday, 11/17/19. It will not be reopened. Please order your uniform before then. You will not be able to participate with out a uniform!!!!!!!

Good morning Wildcat Family:

If you are having trouble with the school store then follow these directions:

right click on the icon and open in a new tab. This should fix the problem.

Practice will start on this Thursday at 3:30 pm. You must have a wrist band to practice. ( get cleared from the Athletic Trainer) . Please make sure you have all T&F forms completed by the 17th of November. 

Thank you!


Team News

1 year ago @ 8:52AM by Dwayne Scott

Indoor T&F 2019-20 season Team Store

Good morning Wildcat Family:

Great News, our Team Store is now open for business until 11/17/19.  Our first meet is 12/7/19, so the earlier you order the sooner you will receive your spirit pack. No athlete will participate without a uniform.

All Team funds/all forms are due by 11/20/19.  Again, you can not participate if you do not have your physical, emergency care card and concussion ed completed and turned in to the Athletic Office/ Athletic Trainers office. 


Team News

1 year ago @ 11:04AM by Dwayne Scott

Indoor T&F 2019-20 season

Good morning Wildcat family:

Welcome to the indoor T&F season. I/we are excited for this season to begin. The Winter sports starts Monday 11/11/19. All insurance, emergency care card and physicals need to be turned into the Activities office, You can not practice until these items have been approved by he DSA/AT (Director of Student Activities and the Certificated Athletic Trainer). Also, you and one parent must complete the Concussion Ed course. The link can be can be found on our Athletic web site. The updated schedule is posted.

The Team Store for uniforms will be up soon so please visit our site for updates. If you have a uniform, you do not need to buy another one.

Have all this forms completed and turned in by 11/15/19 at practice.

Team Fund $50.00 ( for snacks, drinks, end of the season dinner,Coaches gifts and other necessary items)

Participation form

Parent volunteer

I will continuously update as I receive information.

Thank you and LETS GO WILDCATS!!!!!
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